Jim was born in Hershey, PA and grew up around the Harrisburg area.   He studied Environmental Science/Ecology (education) at Millersville University before embarking on 20+ years of professional alpine ski instruction/coaching.  His most recent position was as Head Coach/Program director of Meadows Race Team on Mt. Hood, Oregon. He is also a former PSIA-NW Divisional clinic leader. Summer months gave him the opportunity for various jobs: He worked in Alaska on salmon tenders, in New Zealand at Cardrona Ski resort, as a bicycle guide around the western US, and at Big Winds in Hood River, Oregon as a SUP instructor and guide in the Columbia River Gorge.  Along the way he got lucky and met his wife, who ended up taking a teaching job here on Oahu.  Jim is returning to the University of Hawaii to finish his studies. He is an avid outdoor “recreationalist” and sports fanatic.  You name it he does it, watches it, and/or knows about it 🙂 He Surfs and SUPs as much as his free-time allows. Loves to travel, read, play chess ,taste wine, drink good beer and discuss current theories in cosmology with anyone who will engage.


Sky began his life “on the road” with parents of the Sixties generation. He was born in the small Canadian/Indian village of Bella Coola, British Columbia and his early travels took him throughout the Western United States in the family’s camper. The Chamberlains spent two years living in a teepee on an Indian reservation in Arizona before continuing on to Mexico. When at last the limits of age required that Michael attend school, the family settled down in Grand Haven, Michigan. While growing up in Michigan, Sky developed the habit of exploring every possible nook and cranny of the State. As he got older he expanded his interests to the Central and Eastern United States. His hobbies included hiking, camping, mountain biking, kayaking, and photography. After graduating from high school, Sky put on a backpack and hitch hiked from Michigan to California. When no “car” could go further he bought a one-way ticket to Kauai, Hawaii. He lived on Kauai for six months assisting in the recovery effort of Hurricane Iniki victims, a devastating storm that had struck the island on September 11 1992. Ideally, he would like to help create a documentary film emphasizing the serious condition of these plants and animals. He continues to be fascinated by each new species he discovers and he is equally enthusiastic about sharing this knowledge with others!


Levent spent his childhood growing up in Southeast Asia, exploring volcanoes, exotic islands, and lush tropical rainforests. This led to him to develop a deep love for nature at an early age. In school his favorite subjects were biology and geography, as he loved learning about animals, the environment, and how the earth worked. After finishing high school, Levent decided to make the move to the United States for college, where his love of the natural world led him to pursue a degree in geology at the University of Miami in Florida. Upon receiving his Bachelor’s, he went on to complete a Master of Science degree in geology at The Ohio State University, where he focused on submarine landslides and salt tectonics. After having to endure two brutally cold winters in Ohio, Levent felt the time was right to move back to the tropics, and Hawaii seemed like the right place. Hawaii was always a place he held close to his heart as his godmother is from Oahu, which meant he often spent summers visiting the islands as a child. First, Levent settled on Hawaii Island where he led volcano tours, giving people an up-close and personal experience with lava and Madam Pele. Eventually though, he wanted yet another change in scenery and made the short jump over to Oahu. Here, Levent enjoys guiding tours and sharing the beautiful nature that the island has to offer with guests from all over the world. When he is not showing people the islands spectacular sites, he likes to spend his time on the ocean trying to befriend humpback whales, monk seals and sea turtles.


Justin has worked as a nature guide for nearly five years. He was born and raised in the ahupuaʻa of Waikīkī, and has travelled widely in Asia, Oceania, and Europe. Justin earned a B.A. in English (2007), and a Master’s of Social Work (2016) from the University of Hawaii at Manoa. He also holds a certificate in Subtropical Urban Arboriculture (2012). Justin’s interests include horticultural therapy, narrative therapy, and sustainable agroecological design informed by traditional ecological knowledge. “I meet so many fascinating, lovely people on my tours,” Justin said about why he enjoys his job. “And a lot of them want to know more about the ecology and stories of my island, so it’s good to be able to help them with that while learning about their home places.”


Tori was born and raised in Colorado Springs, Colorado. She is incredibly passionate about wildlife and the natural world and from a young age spent most of her time outside, hiking and camping as frequently as she could. Tori’s love of wildlife led her to pursue her Bachelor’s degree in Science at North Dakota State University where she majored in zoology and botany. Although Tori has a passion for large carnivores (particularly wildcats), Tori is broadly interested in anything related to science and the outdoors. This has led her to travel the world in pursuit of what she loves. She has studied lions in South Africa, worked on habitat restoration projects in Alaska, backpacked through the Chilean Patagonia and is eager to learn as much as possible. Tori loves teaching others about what she has learned and how they can help conserve the natural world she is so passionate about.