Marine Animal Encounters

Swimming with Dolphins
Lunch Included

#15 - Swimming With The Dolphins

Most of the dolphins you will encounter in this region are the slightly smaller Spinner Dolphins. They get this name from the way they jump out of the water and spin in the air. Join us and get up close and personal!
Lunch Included

#16 - Dolphin Snorkel Tour

We depart from Waianae Boat Harbor and travel along the scenic west coast in search of Spinner Dolphins. Seasoned island naturalists lead every excursion.
Lunch Included

#18 - Turtle Snorkel Sail with Lunch

Sailing and see Waikiki sights, and thrilling snorkeling experiences including seeing Hawaiian green sea turtles. During whale season (December through April), we’ll also stop to watch those majestic mammals.

#21 - Turtle Reef Snorkel

Enjoy the best snorkeling platform as the yacht becomes your island retreat to a site inaccessible from the beach.
Lunch Included

#22 - Mid Day Turtle Snorkel Sail With Lunch

Sail the iconic Waikiki coastline and enjoy a beautiful day out on a catamaran enjoying a buffet style picnic lunch while exploring for majestic sea turtles!
Lunch Included

#25 - Dolphin Snorkel and Sail

Cruise the beautiful Leeward Oahu coast view dolphins, turtles and others including whales in-season (Dec-Apr).  Snorkel at a calm anchorage and see the vibrant sights just beneath the surface.

#26 - Shark Cage Adventure

Shark cage diving on Hawaii is simply the most adventurous activity to add to your next Hawaiian vacation. Most say it’s the highlight of their time spent here. Shark encounters on Hawaii are safe, fun, and exhilarating. Fun for the whole family!

#27 - Shark Cage Encounter

Join us on a trip three miles off the gorgeous North Shore in Oahu, Hawaii for a once-in-a-lifetime experience of some of the ocean’s most fascinating and elegant creatures: sharks!
Lunch Included

#29 - Turtle Snorkel and Sail

Hop aboard the Makani Catamaran and get ready to make a splash! Sail along the scenic south shores of Honolulu and Waikiki with the crisp morning sun upon your face and the wind in your hair. Dive in and snorkel with tropical fish and sea turtles in the warm and
Lunch Included

#30 - Turtle Safari

Spend a day enjoying Beautiful Kailua Beach, Hawaii. Our Turtle Safari is the easy way to get out of Waikiki and go body boarding and snorkeling in an area where sea turtles abound.